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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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I can't believe 8 months has gone by so quickly since the day Emm was born.  It has been one hectic ride but the fun is just beginning. She's starting to crawl. Meaning, I spend most of my time heel toe right behind her at every turn.  I hate to use the word cage but that's exactly what we had to do. We've purchased a play yard to keep her safe, and out of trouble. 
As I look at my daughter through the latice of the play yard screaming at the top of her lungs just because she can for no reason I think back on some of the good and funny memories she has given me. For instance there was a time when I was hosting a dinner party and my nipple started to twitch. I tried everything to stop it. My guest had to have noticed it moving rapidly underneath my blouse. I was mortified. Soon I realized I had fallen asleep while breastfeeding my daughter lol. What should have tipped me off is when did I have time to throw a dinner party?!?!?? Lol

Well I invite you all to reminiscience
with me and follow me on Instagram to see my sweet baby grow up right before our eyes through pictures! Please make sure not to blink because the next pic you'll see will probably be her graduating from school :*). 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Le-tt-er be!



The explanation:
Usually a new mom will go through a phase called nesting during their pregnancy. Unfortunately during my nesting phase I was on a tight budget and couldn't afford everything I wanted. So I had to get crafty!!! I needed inspiration. Sure enough my favorite store, Anthropolgie, had lots of ideas. 
These pinwale alphabet letters from anthropologie adds color and whimsy that I needed to have in her room. Plus the bohemian mixed patterns pulls together the different prints I already had in there. But at last I did not have the funds to purchase such items. So instead I got inspired and decided to make my own version on a shoe string budget. Here's how I've done that! 

Cardboard letters
Scrap fabric
Double sided tape or fabric glue
Clear hooks

First cut out several (enough to fully cover  the size of the letter you've chosen) 2" strips of scrap fabric. 
Second, make sure you fold in the sides of the fabric and flatten with an iron. That way the rough edges of the fabric doesn't show.  
Now you can start wrapping the scraps of fabric around each letter taping down the fabric on the back. Make sure to alternate patterns and colors to give it that patchwork quilted look. Don't worry about what the back of the letter will look like it will be against the wall so no can see it. 
*If you are concerned about how the back will look, cut out an extra piece of fabric in the shape of the letter and glue it down on the back.
And finally, cut ribbon to desired length to hang from clear hooks. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fun with Instagram!

My mom took this candid shot of my husband holding his baby girl for the first time. Out of all my pictures this by far is my favorite! I thought wouldn't this be a great pic to Instagram! It certainly gave it a vintage look that I will certainly treasure for a lifetime!  Thanks mom for capturing a beautiful moment of a father's love!